Should you take collagen in your 30s?

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Do we need to start taking collagen in your 30s?

Indeed! Our body begins to decrease the production of natural collagen from this age by leaps and bounds, so taking Oceancoll would help compensate for the loss of that protein so essential for the human body.

Our skin is not the same with 20 years or 30, 40 or 50, so we must offer additional help beyond a balanced diet and an active life. It is necessary that we maintain consistency in the use of collagen daily for a minimum period of 30 days, because we will not notice the benefits of Oceancoll if we take it in a timely manner.


Hydrolyzed marine collagen, Oceancoll, is a 100% natural supplement, which requires absorption and assimilation by our body of this protein that already exists in humans. Collagen supplements are essential to maintain the body’s collagen levels. This fact will help us to restore the tissues, keep the skin hydrated and ensure the health of the bones and joints.


Collagen with vitamins or collagen with magnesium not only offers the multiple benefits of collagen, but also provides a significant amount of nutrients depending on the range we select. So if we want to further improve the benefits it will bring to our skin, hair and nails, we can opt for Oceancoll Beauty.


In the event that our greatest interest is in the strengthening of bones and joints, or more oriented to muscle care, you can opt for our Oceancoll Mobility. Magnesium and vitamin C are added to this range of hydrolyzed marine collagen to make it even more useful.

You should also know Immune Health with vitamins B6, B12 along with D and Zinc, perfect to boost our immune system, or Oceancoll Original, the most traditional of all our supplements with Vitamin C and unflavored.

Healthy Aging

Europe, United States

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