What is Oceancoll Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen?

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What is Oceancoll Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen?

Oceancoll is a hydrolyzed marine collagen protein made from the skin of wild fish caught in cold, deep waters. This marine protein contains small, low molecular weight peptides that are highly bioavailable and easily digestible.

What is the Oceancoll product range?

Original Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen Type I + Vitamin C

The intake of collagen is extremely important when it comes to regenerating and maintaining the level of collagen production in the body and in restoring body tissues, as it helps to keep the skin smooth and ensures strong bones and joints.

Mobility Support + Vitamin C and Magnesium

The intake of collagen peptides is also recommended for physically active adults due to the many benefits it provides to those who are engaged in sports and exercise. Formulated to boost energy production and support the immune system.

Beauty + Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin and Zinc

Collagen is the main structural component of the skin; Due to intrinsic and extrinsic factors, such as age, smoking, pollution and ultraviolet rays, collagen undergoes changes that break it down. Anti-aging and immune support formula.

Immune Health + Vitamins B6, B12, C, D3 and Zinc

Get the benefits of Marine Collagen with this formula designed to boost the immune system. Formulated with key vitamins and minerals to support immune health

Which are Oceancoll's formats?

We currently have collagen powder for our hydrolyzed marine collagen. This format allows you to dissolve it in any food or drink.


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How to take our marine collagen?

You can add Oceancoll to a glass of water or to your favorite drink, either hot or cold, and you can also add it to yogurts and other thicker formats such as soups or purees.


It is recommended to take 5.5 grams daily, which would be equivalent to one tablespoon a day. Stir well until dissolved.


It is also not necessary that you take it at a certain time of the day, you can consume your Oceancoll before or after meals in the morning, afternoon or night. It depends on you!


As a recommendation for those who do sports frequently, it could be taken just after doing physical exercise.

Which are the benefits of Oceancoll Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen?

Our collagen has a wide variety of medium-long-term benefits for health, beauty and sports.

Benefits of collagen for bone, muscle and joint health

The intake of hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides helps prevent the development of certain diseases such as osteoporosis or sarcopenia, because collagen promotes muscle growth and helps the formation of healthy joints and strong bones.

Benefits of marine collagen for skin, nails and hair

Frequent consumption of marine collagen alleviates intrinsic and extrinsic stressors. These effects improve skin hydration, flexibility, and elasticity, leading to less surface roughness, greater smoothness, and fewer wrinkles. Consuming collagen peptides also helps thicken hair and strengthen brittle nails.

Benefits of marine collagen for athletes and people with a healthy lifestyle

Recommended for those adults with an active lifestyle and who do sports frequently due to the many benefits it provides to those who are engaged in sports and exercise. Collagen peptide supplements promote muscle growth and the formation of healthy joints, accelerating musculoskeletal recovery after intense exercise, while preventing injury and promoting tissue repair.

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